I flew into Schipol two nights ago and spent the night in Amsterdam. I woke up very early (I don’t think I saw Amsterdam during daylight hours) and went straight to Asten. Asten is a small town with lots of agriculture around. There are animals and gardens at every turn. I’m staying at Het maagdenhuis, which is a B&B and converted nunnery. The owners also run a bakery in the town center. They’ve been filling me up with strawberry tarts and apple pastries. I think I gain weight just thinking about theses treats. Here is a drawing of the B&B from the park across the street.

Het Maagdenhuis
Het Maagdenhuis

About a thirty minute bike ride from Asten is De Groote Peel, a nation park in southern Netherlands. I drew this picture when the sun was low on the horizon and back lighting the trees. I found a nice bench and sat for a rest and quick drawing. I tried something different and didn’t do my typical line drawing. I think I used up half the ink in my pen filling in the tree line.  I hope to go back out there this weekend and do a watercolour.

Asten, Holland


Het maagdenhuis and De Groote Peel
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