On my bike ride today I followed the Peel De Mass Route west out of Asten into the country side. It was a beautiful day: 15 degrees and light winds, few clouds. I caught a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye as I as peddling along. It came and went so fast I would have missed it if had blinked. I causally turned my bike around in the middle of the route (since I hadn’t seen a car for 10 minutes or more) and coasted back. It was a small irrigation canal that ran perpendicular to the road and was reflecting the sky above. I took a photo and enjoyed the moment. Then off I went, meandering back to my room to paint. Good day today. Tomorrow I’m going to ride around Utrecht to paint, draw and picnic. Should be a good day tomorrow.

Irrigation Canal, Asten NL



The Blue Streak
Peel De Maas Route and the Blue Streak
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