I have been taking my coworkers to draw in the park a couple of times a month since last October, and today was the last scheduled day to draw this year. I had picked June 10th last Fall thinking it’s going to be too hot to draw by the end of June, and I was right. It was not pleasant to be outside at all. According to the heat index, the perceived temperature was above 40C by 10am. After a brief chat with my drawing friends we agreed to go to the rooftop
garden on our building. And as luck would have it, there was an air vent blowing cold air. We all crowded in the shade of the duct and the cooled air, sat in the grass, and drew the only thing we could see: these trees inside the parapet wall. On the right hand side the roof of Space Mountain could also be seen.

So, all done drawing at Disneyland until next September or October when it’s not painful to be outside for long. But, I will be in the USA in a few weeks painting and drawing, and then to Germany and Czechoslovakia soon after that. Should be a great place to sit outside, paint and watch the world go by.

On the roof with Mickey Mouse

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