Charles Bridge
Too Crowded to see the Architecture

I finally arrived in Prague after being delayed by the Chinese. They held my flight so long I couldn’t make my connection in Vienna. So instead of making it to my hotel in Prague I spent the night in Vienna at a hotel provide by Austria Airlines.  It’s common enough for the Chinese to delay flights and it’s the second time this month it’s happened to me. Oh well. I finally made it and that’s good enough.

My first day in Prague was filled with great smells of cooking sausages and these wonderful pastries that are fire roasted and filled with ice cream and fruit. I was not prepared the crowds though. Even Hong Kong doesn’t can’t compete with the huge amounts of people out and about. It was amazing. I don’t think I saw the ground floor of any building until late at night. When I tried to draw,  I never saw anything but roof tops above people’s heads. Very impressive. But, even though my room was in the heart of  Centrum, I was down at the end of a long ally and hat a peaceful night and left my windows open for a cool breeze.

Tomorrow I’m going on a 40k bike ride into the countryside. Looking forward to it.

Good night.

Prague, Finally…..
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  • July 30, 2017 at 8:24 am

    I can’t image you are already in Prague – a city I liked so much. My one and only one visit so far was in 1993 Autumn. I considered there were many tourists, but It seems that it’s incomparable to what in
    Your sight.


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