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Colonial Hong Kong 1995-1999

Disneyland Hong Kong – “Art in the Park”

100 Holes, Installation

14Sep04 installation

DEC08 installation – Snow Lilies

01DEC04 installation

06OCT07 installation

Bamboo Windmill

Bamboo Windmill was a fully functional windmill constructed from bamboo, twine, glass marbles and Elvis fabric.

-built and installed by John Hobbie and Samantha Miller.

Bag Clock

0 hour = +1300S, December 13, 2003

Final hour = about 0300S, March 5th, 2005

52 muslin sacks, string, sand – Dallas, Texas

Bag Clock was an ongoing project involving different methods of measuring time. This clock was started on December 13th, 2003. Regular updates continued to measure the bags’ entropy. The clock was eventually destroyed by squirrels.

Nest Clock

Nest Clock was my second clock to measure entropy. It did not last long because squirrels loved to play in it.