Urban Cool Islands, a Methodology

This is a methodology to create Urban Cool Island emergency relief locations. This methodology is a direct response to the massive loss of life in the European heatwave of 2003 and the EU’s mandate to limit mortality rates and create an organized emergency response system to heat emergencies.

This methodology combines GIS landscape data analysis methods to locate at risk social groups and where best to build shelter. For this study, landscape architecture techniques are described, but the methodology easily applies to architectural shelters as well.

The case study was completed in Leipzig, Germany in 2019. The presentation below was first delivered at the 2020 ARCGIS Summit, University of Salzburg, Austria.

ZickZack Hausen, Bernburg DE, 100 Years of Bauhaus competition, 2nd place

This competition was to revitalize the ZickZach Bauhaus houses and neighborhood.

Hochschule Harz campus design

Visit Bernburg! design contest

This was a concept design presented to the town of Bernburg, Germany to revitalize the Elbe River and increase tourism.

StoolBus! international public design contest

This design showcases how to implement public toilets into urban settings that have restrictive building codes using autonomous vehicles.