Disney Hotel Lobby


A few months back I took lunch at the Disney Hotel. After eating a wonderful meal of Peking Duck I took a seat in the main lobby and drew this picture. I thought that it would be a quiet place to rest since it was mid-afternoon, but the Guests kept coming in by the bus load one after the other. I quickly sketched out the scene and gave up my seat to whoever could get to it first.

Castles and Cable Cars, Fussen, Germany

It was raining and chilly this morning. I didn’t pack my watercolors because the forecast called for thunderstorms.  But that didn’t happen. It was a fantastic day with bright blue skies and Big puffy clouds. I sketched this landscape at the top of a nearby mountain top overlooking all of Southern Germany. 

Hohenschwangau Castle

When I came down from the mountain I visited Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles. It was very crowded and not all that pleasant. I drew this while waiting for the bus. 

22 Years and a Bike Ride Along the Danube

Dultplatz-Mariaort, Regensburg

Today the weather was perfect:lower 20s and Big puffy clouds. My wife and I celebrated 22 years together by renting a couple of bicycles and heading through Regensburg to follow the Danube west into the country. The ride was wonderful; crossing over small bridges and cutting through barley fields. I did a quick painting of sunflowers and later stopped at a small dock to paint a chapel on the other side of the river. Wedding bells rang out while I sketched. We have something in common with the newlyweds and wish them a happy 22 years together, too.

Dom St. Peter, Regensburg, DE

Today has been been a very cool 9C and drizzling rain. Perfect for someone escaping the heat of Hong Kong. I stopped at St. Peter and got there in time fore a short sermon and pipe organ music. Really set the mood for relaxing and sketching even though I didn’t understand a word. 

New Museum, old cans. Nuremberg, DE

I am so happy to be back in Germany for the summer. I landed in Frankfurt this morning to a very comfortable 9C. So much better than the 34+ that Hong Kong has been experiencing. 

I went straight from the plane to the train and was checking my luggage a couple of hours later. Nuremberg center city was just a ten minute walk away. I always wander with no agenda and let random chance play a leading role in my journey. So I was surprised and pleased to round a corner to see this work of art in the New Museum Plaza. I ordered coffee and drew this picture.

Now to amble on and see what else is around.

Inside view