Disneyland and the California Adventure

The Original Disneyland Castle, Anaheim, California

I left Hong Kong Sunday night 6 hours late due to heavy thunderstorms around the Pearl River basin. The flight to LAX was direct, so at least I didn’t have to make a connection after clearing US immigration or I never would have made it. I am off to the States to spend a week at Disneyland followed by another week in Disney World. It’s my first time to visit these Disneyland since 1971 when I was too young to remember, and 15 years ago when I took my 4 year old son. A lot has changed since then.

I met David C. backstage of the park and had the best 3 days talking about castles, cars and superheros. David is responsible for maintaining the quality of the park and gave me free access to explore and learn about how things are done on this side of the world. So, a very special thanks to him and his team who were so generous with their time. Thank you.

When I wasn’t following the Show Quality team around, I drew pictures. Here they are:

Cars Land, California Adventure
Frontier Land, Disneyland


Winter Solstice on Mt. Hacone

Mt. Fuji continuous line drawing

Mt. Fuji ink wash
Mt. Fuji pen and ink

Mt. Hakone is an active volcano at the South end of Mt. Fuji. Steam and Sulphur pour out of small craters at the top. I took a cable car to the top and did a few sketches of Mt. Fuji, ate some blackened eggs cooked in the volcanic steam, then took a very pleasant walk around Hakone Lake. 

Mt. Hakone steam vents

Floating on Kawaguchiko Lake

Mt. Fuji through the Trees

I arrived in Tokyo a few days back and hopped a bus to the Five Lakes region. Five lakes is at the base of Mt. Fuji on the eastern slope. The weather was spectacular and Fuji was clear as day against a brilliant blue sky. I rented a small paddle boat and drew a picture of the surrounding mountains and one Of Mt. Fuji using my water soluble pen. 

Kawaguchiko Mountains

Disney Hotel Lobby


A few months back I took lunch at the Disney Hotel. After eating a wonderful meal of Peking Duck I took a seat in the main lobby and drew this picture. I thought that it would be a quiet place to rest since it was mid-afternoon, but the Guests kept coming in by the bus load one after the other. I quickly sketched out the scene and gave up my seat to whoever could get to it first.

Castles and Cable Cars, Fussen, Germany

It was raining and chilly this morning. I didn’t pack my watercolors because the forecast called for thunderstorms.  But that didn’t happen. It was a fantastic day with bright blue skies and Big puffy clouds. I sketched this landscape at the top of a nearby mountain top overlooking all of Southern Germany. 

Hohenschwangau Castle

When I came down from the mountain I visited Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles. It was very crowded and not all that pleasant. I drew this while waiting for the bus. 

22 Years and a Bike Ride Along the Danube

Dultplatz-Mariaort, Regensburg

Today the weather was perfect:lower 20s and Big puffy clouds. My wife and I celebrated 22 years together by renting a couple of bicycles and heading through Regensburg to follow the Danube west into the country. The ride was wonderful; crossing over small bridges and cutting through barley fields. I did a quick painting of sunflowers and later stopped at a small dock to paint a chapel on the other side of the river. Wedding bells rang out while I sketched. We have something in common with the newlyweds and wish them a happy 22 years together, too.