Dom St. Peter, Regensburg, DE

Today has been been a very cool 9C and drizzling rain. Perfect for someone escaping the heat of Hong Kong. I stopped at St. Peter and got there in time fore a short sermon and pipe organ music. Really set the mood for relaxing and sketching even though I didn’t understand a word. 

New Museum, old cans. Nuremberg, DE

I am so happy to be back in Germany for the summer. I landed in Frankfurt this morning to a very comfortable 9C. So much better than the 34+ that Hong Kong has been experiencing. 

I went straight from the plane to the train and was checking my luggage a couple of hours later. Nuremberg center city was just a ten minute walk away. I always wander with no agenda and let random chance play a leading role in my journey. So I was surprised and pleased to round a corner to see this work of art in the New Museum Plaza. I ordered coffee and drew this picture.

Now to amble on and see what else is around.

Inside view

20 years later in North Point

20 years North Point

A lot of things happened 20 years ago: The Spice Girls released Wannabe, Independence Day hit the theaters, and Atlanta, Georgia USA hosted the worst opening ceremony for any Summer Olympics to date. But some good things happened that year: the marriage of two of my best friends. I painted this image of old Hong Kong buildings in the reflecting glass of a new Hong Kong building; a bit of China for their China Anniversary. Congratulations and wishing you many happy years to come.

Half Mast

I’ve been back in the States for only a few days and it’s been a little rough. There have been a couple of black men killed by police since I landed, and on Friday here in Dallas, a sniper killed 5 police and wounded 6 more during a protest march in retaliation of the killings.

Saturday morning I was to meet some friends at the Dallas Museum of Art. Many of the streets were blocked off for memorial services. Beyond that, downtown Dallas was a ghost town. 

The whole country is in mourning and we are feeling it here in Texas especially hard. Everywhere flags are at half mast out of respect. I drew this picture of the square in Athens while I waited on someone. 

On the roof with Mickey Mouse


I have been taking my coworkers to draw in the park a couple of times a month since last October, and today was the last scheduled day to draw this year. I had picked June 10th last Fall thinking it’s going to be too hot to draw by the end of June, and I was right. It was not pleasant to be outside at all. According to the heat index, the perceived temperature was above 40C by 10am. After a brief chat with my drawing friends we agreed to go to the rooftop
garden on our building. And as luck would have it, there was an air vent blowing cold air. We all crowded in the shade of the duct and the cooled air, sat in the grass, and drew the only thing we could see: these trees inside the parapet wall. On the right hand side the roof of Space Mountain could also be seen.

So, all done drawing at Disneyland until next September or October when it’s not painful to be outside for long. But, I will be in the USA in a few weeks painting and drawing, and then to Germany and Czechoslovakia soon after that. Should be a great place to sit outside, paint and watch the world go by.

Shady Benches and a Cool Breeze


I’ve been going out at lunch with my coworkers to draw in the park a couple of times a month since last November. Today was a great day to go out, too. I found a bench in Adventureland under some leafy trees the seemed to always have a slight breeze blowing past. It was very pleasant, but my coworkers got eaten by mosquitoes just a few meters away.
The weather is going to be 29C by midday and I’m starting to think my time outdoors is going to end real soon. Not happy about that, so I may need to start working out what kind of paintings I can do indoors until next fall.

Final ECC and weeks of Poor Weather


I  finished my painting of the ECC tonight and will hand it over tomorrow to the client. This one has been tricky. Since the moment I accepted this job the weather has been rotten. Either fog or heavy rain has hindered me getting out on site to see the building, let alone paint it. And when it’s not socked in with fog and rain the humidity is so high it’s hard to see details across Victoria Harbor. Anyhow, it turned out fine. I appreciate the work. Now back to my day job.


ECC sketches on the Galaxy Note

I’ve always doodled on the painting app I downloaded to my phone, but the other day I had a request for a commission work and I was really able to put the phone to the test. With only the phone in my pocket I could go to different locations and rough out various view points and compositions. Feels great traveling light and being able to email the client immediately for concept approval. Plus the fact it was drizzling all day I didn’t have to worry about soggy paper. I’ll have the actual painting done in a few more days.