I got into Amsterdam just before lunch. The weather said there was a chance of thunderstorms and winds at 20-30mph. It has been gusty, but not that bad. Except, as chance would have it, it rained ice on me as I walked from the taxi to my hotel. Because of construction, I had to walk a block and a half to get around road closures. I didn’t get wet, only nostalgic for seasons. Hong Kong’s two seasons are hot and not as hot.
Cut to the chase: I went walking with my sketchbook and drew this picture of some demolition work on Rokin.

Demolition on Rokin and Spaarpotsteeg


I am very grateful it didn’t rain. So I’ll finish writing for now and eat some peach pancakes with powdered sugar at the shop across from me.

Demolition on Rokin and Spaarpotsteeg
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