Well, I guess there just aren’t enough cheap “international style” buildings in Hong Kong. That’s the only reason I can think that the Town Planners are bulldozing the old colonial police station to put in its place two modern buildings for “culture and recreation”. I thought I better draw this place while it was still standing. Maybe we will get lucky and they will build a new McStarbucks. When I hear the word culture in Hong Kong I know to hide my wallet and run.


But, besides all that, I found signs of life in several murals painted in back alleys. I also had several good chats with people along Hollywood Road and visited some galleries. How bad a day can it be when all you do is draw, talk about art and drink coffee? And speaking of coffee, special thanks to Jeffery for the coffee I drank while sitting in his store front – California Vintage.

Hong Kong Police Station, Central District – drawing
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