Someone pointed out this is a banyan tree, not a mangrove. Thank you for the correction.

The sun thought about coming out today, then decided against. But at least the humidity has dropped down to almost 80% and my paper doesn’t curl as I draw. This mangrove tree is behind the Central Library in Causeway Bay. I’m glad the city planners have chosen to keep it. It is a beautiful tree that hugs the stone wall with grace. I have passed by this tree on several occasions and am glad I had a moment to finally stop and show my appreciation.

Now I’m headed back home to see if I’ll have dry clothes to wear tomorrow. 🙂


Mangrove Tree in Causeway Bay – drawing
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2 thoughts on “Mangrove Tree in Causeway Bay – drawing

  • February 28, 2011 at 9:48 am

    There’s something about the wild tangle of the mangrove tree’s roots that always get me. Beautiful drawing.


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